Snow Night [not 'day']

I just couldn't resist. Look at this progression:

10 am today: Lots of bushes, clear sky.

4 pm today: bushes are becoming covered, skies full of snow.

8 pm tonight: no bushes whatsoever, but skies are more clear. Plus a giant snow drift!

This is what was at our doorstep during this excursion. That drift is sick! I estimate at least three feet because it goes up to my hips.

Our street looks very safe, huh?

There's Nate over the drift.

It's so pretty. Like a miniature mountain:)

Our tree is still hanging in there, just barely.

Henry got to come out again but had to wear his winter sweater to prevent dingles.

Ah, look, a plow! But wait....if you look closely you'll see the plow isn't actually touching the ground. Great job there, boys. Get it done soon, okay?
I will most likely have to work tomorrow because the hospital is absolutely swamped and they sounded rather desperate for help. I'll call first thing in the morning but I'm planning on working, so no more snowy fun tomorrow [or painting, or packing, or numerous other projects I'd like to complete.]

Oh what a day!


  1. Jeez, that is crazy. No way could I handle all the snow.

  2. HOLY MOLY! You are a Missouri girl??? How are you dealing with all of that! I showed Mike tonight and he couldn't believe it! I HATE the show...seriously HATE being cold. I don't think that I could deal with it. When are you moving back?!

  3. I would love to have snow like that that stuck around for more than a day. Just be glad you aren't in washington where they have gotten 30 FEET of snow this year. YIKES!

  4. Kristal and Lauren~I have whined and bitched and moaned so much about the weather, I'm just over it. I'm trying to broaden my horizons a bit and step foot outside more than once a day. Well that, and the fact that I didn't have to work today makes me a happy girl. It won't last, though. I'll be crabby about it very soon. I have to laugh about it so I don't cry!

    Cheryl~Oh, I'm very glad we aren't in Washington. Or anywhere that is more cold and snowy than here. This is my limit for sure. I'm only moving south from now on, mark my words!

  5. At least your trees stayed up! We have a gorgeous flowering tree in our backyard that buckled and fell over under the weight of the snow. I am very sad, I loved that tree! And it's going to be oh so fun to clear out when (if?) the snow finally melts!

  6. I will never get enough of the dingle talk. Ever.


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