Becoming Martha

So have I mentioned how lucky I am to have such fabulous in-laws? Let me just reiterate: they are the bomb. My mother-in-law, Lois, and I hung out today. I've always been close with her because she doesn't have a daughter and my Mom lives so far away from me now--we need some "girlie" time together every now and then!

Nothing is 100% yet, but tomorrow we will find out if our apartment is officially rented. If so, we are going to have two weeks to move and it's slightly overwhelming for everyone involved. So today I packed up my SUV and started taking boxes over and then Lois and I went shopping. No, not fun clothes shopping or anything....just to Home Depot, to pick out paint colors [which competes with clothes shopping in my book.]

Paint cans have been purchased, decisions have been made. And it's so freaking exciting I can barely stand it. Want to see my final decisions? We went with Behr paints and there they are:

1. Olivine: This will be in the family room, with our stone couches, chocolate curtains, and striped pillows. Although I loved the sandy brown color I showed the other day, I was just worried it'd blend too much with the couch. Plus, I caved and chose a brown for the living room, as you'll soon see:

2. Chai Spice: the color for the kitchen. Lois actually picked this one out otherwise I'd be nervous it was too bright. It will go wonderfully with the brown wood, brown speckled counter tops, and neutral flooring:

2. Stone Fence: my version of the "steely blue" for our bedroom. This swatch looks very blue but it's actually more of a gray in real life. I am in LOVE with this color right now:

4. Toffee Crunch: for the dining room, which is what we have in our bedroom right now. On my drive over to their house today I started to panic about my red/yellow choice for the dining room. I envisioned Lois cutting me out of the will or banishing me to the basement for such a bold, bright color. I realized we have a full gallon of the toffee in our basement and I really love it. So I caved and went for neutral. Now everyone is happy:
So now what? Besides packing our entire life into cardboard boxes, making numerous trips in the bitterly cold weather, and physically hauling our stuff to it's new location? Well, painting of course. And then I started dreaming of new curtains! I'd need some small ones for the kitchen [remember, chai spice and browns] and also the dining room [toffee crunch and cream].

I stumbled upon a fantastic fabric website tonight and nearly ruined my computer by drooling onto the keyboard. It's called J.Caroline Creative and I'm officially obsessed. Everyone knows about my love affair with all things paper, especially printed papers and fun stationary [swoon!] Well, I've decided that fabrics, especially printed fabrics, are the second cousin to printed paper. And now I'm imagining myself becoming a world-class seamstress....whipping up curtains and pillows, and adorable little aprons for myself to be a domestic goddess. I get a little carried away sometimes, I know. Considering that I don't know how to sew a button.

I digress.....J.Caroline has an amazing assortment of fabrics. And they aren't too terribly expensive because I wouldn't need that much for a few panels of fabric. Wanna see my choices?

1. For the kitchen:

a. Kind of 70s vintage but I love it.

b. Doesn't really go with the orange but it's fab

c. Again, more vintage than my usual but it'd look great in there.

d. Birds! I love me some birds!
e. Florals! Even better.
e. Stripes! You get the idea.
f. Super cool mod floral.
g. Adorable .
2. For the dining room [paint will be brown, but next to the family room with blues and greens]

a. Abstract but pretty, very fitting for a dining room.

b. This one is very mod, which would be a nice contrast with the traditional style of house.
c. Are those snowflakes I see? How appropriate.
d. What girl doesn't love a little damask?
e. Love this floral. Maybe my favorite for the room.f. Can't go wrong with stripes.

g. Very "Pottery Barn", no?

h. Maybe simple is better?

i. Or simple with a pop of color?

3. Wait a minute, how did these girlie prints get on this post? They must have thrown themselves at my computer screen or something! I couldn't resist, I'm sorry. They would not have a home in our new place but I love them just the same.
Anyway, I'm in love with fabric shopping now. And I can't wait to get settled in and become a regular Martha Stewart.


  1. Sounds like you have big plans! I have no eye for these things so I can't wait to see it all finished! I'm sure it will look fab!

  2. LOVE your color choices. I cannot wait to see them in the house. Expecially that green for the family room. Fab!!

  3. Those colors are beautiful. I love the chai color for the kitchen the most! I may have to steal the blue for our spare room. I need to repaint it a lighter shade of blue and have been putting it off forever, but you are inspiring me!

  4. Julia - You could so sew. It is easy. Get yourself a cheap sewing machine from Wal-Mart and save a fortune on window dressings. I bought one a few years ago (it currently has a layer of dust on it) and tought myself with a little help from the instruction book. NOT HARD. You can even buy a simple pattern for less than $10.
    Come on, I'm sure you can make room for one more hobby :)
    WARNING - You could become addicted and find yourself making matching kitchen towels. (I wouldn't know...)

  5. That pattern for letter h - I have a bag from Etsy in that pattern in black and white. My MIL got it for me this past Christmas and I LOVE it!

    Totally random comment, yes. But I wanted to tell you that your blog is beautiful and it makes me happy to stop over here. :) Such bright colors! Something I totally need when the world is graaaaaay like it is right now!


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