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Wow, I've gotten a lot of comments already on my 100th post! Thank you ladies so much! And for you "work readers" who haven't read it yet, please do so. It's about three posts down and I'd love for you to partake in the fun. And now you have 4 new posts to read:)

I almost refrained from making other posts tonight because I wanted the "100" to be at the top. But then I figured I may not be posting as regularly if we are moving.....and I had stuff to I went for it. And I don't know if blogger can make a post a "sticky" to the top, either.

But my question is, do you just read the first post of a blog and then move on? Or do you scroll down to see what else is new? I usually scroll down and read all the new posts but maybe that is just me? Does it take away from the posts if they are jumbled together with other new ones...should I just do one at a time from now on? Or do you like the multiple posts in a night?

Thanks again, ladies. I love to learn what you like about my blog and I'll try to do more of that in the future.


  1. I read all the new posts! But maybe it's because Google Reader on my iGoogle homepage tells me that there's more than one new post?

  2. I read all the new posts. Now that work has blocked Facebook I've found procrastination in reading people's blogs. So I'm still in the process of reading some back-logged ones, but I always go to the new ones first.

  3. I'm with Stephanie. I love the Google Reader. I know when all the new posts are up!

  4. I like multiple posts because I get very bored at work and the more there is to read the better. I also read the first post and scroll down and see if there are any other new ones before I move on

  5. Yeah, I already answered this below, but I read all the posts that are new to me since last time I've stopped by.

    So, you use Blogger just like I do ... how do create such a beautiful layout? Do you have to write some HTML yourself for it? Color me confused ... but I want my blog to be prettier like yours!

  6. I also read everything that's new since I read last. Thanks to google reader, it makes that so easy for me! The downside of that is that I haven't been visiting the actual blogs as much. I forgot how much I admired the design of yours.


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