There once was a newlywed who had a touch of crazy buried inside. The crazy came out when moving to a new habitat. Or sometimes for no reason at all.

Her loving husband put up with her instability but sometimes, he went nuts as well. Thus resulting in the "packing tape episode" pictured below:

There once was a newlywed who balanced on the edge of heterosexuality. Words like, "metro" and "gay" rang out through the house. Then the newlywed emerged from the basement with a new scarf for his pea coat. This said scarf was a. a hideous shade of yellow, b. entirely too short, and c. inappropriate in itself for a straight man, let alone combined with a freaking pea coat.
The newlyweds loved each other despite their flaws [craziness and metrosexuality, respectively.]

Upon moving to this new habitat, the newlyweds encountered a serious problem: they did not have a working kitchen and thus, were forced to eat downstairs for all meals. Until one day the new wife took it upon herself to domesticate and nurture her husband. She created a "kitchen" complete with all the necessities:
Coffee grinder, coffee maker, coffee mugs [travel and stay-at-home], toaster, bread, and PB with honey. And ideal breakfast could be had in their space. The new wife was quite proud of her creation, as she spent much time organizing and supplying said 'kitchen.' When the new husband saw her creation he said, "That's it? All you did was plug the toaster into the wall."

As you can imagine, the new wife was not happy with the new husband. Her excitement over a working kitchen quickly morphed into disdain for her husband. And he, of course, continued to kiss her buttocks to make up for his sarcasm.

Ah, the life of newlyweds. Full of fun, full of randomness, and full of pictures:)


  1. lol! love this post- packing tape incident? too cute!

  2. Aww, I think you're being a little harsh on's not THAT bad of a scarf - He just wants to look good for you! Thanks for the laugh - it sounds vaguely familiar :)

  3. Sometimes the boys just don't get it, do they?!?

  4. Did I totally miss the blog about you cutting your hair? It looks precious. When did you cut it? Or maybe you just did it different and it looks cut. Regardless, it looks fab. I love your make shift kitchen. I would totally do the same thing. There are certain things that you just have to have out at all times. I thought Nate looked handsome with the scarf and peacoat. The scarf was a little short, though, and therefore probably useless. I could never get Eddie to wear a peacoat, darn it! Lucky duck!

  5. I suppose he DOES look pretty cute in the coat/cap/scarf combo. It's just that he does these metro things all the time JUST to get a rise out of me. I just never thought my once meat head hubby would morph into a metro, that's all.

    And Ronee~that cut is what you get when you mix wet hair and a sprig pony tail. But thanks! I haven't gotten it cut in a while but it's usually that short since my major chop job a few months ago:)


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