All I want for Christmas

Since Thanksgiving is officially over, I can fully commit myself to the Christmas season without feeling guilty. I always feel so bad for Turkey day, getting shunned for Christmas so early in the year.

But alas, Christmas is here. If you are in doubt just watch the news. Crazies out in full force at the malls starting at 12:01 this morning. People being trampled on the Wal-Mart floor all in the name of a cheap television. Ah, the American way:)

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about my Christmas list this year, as I'm sure good ol' St. Nick is DYING to know what to buy me. Well everyone can stop holding their breath because I've formulated my ultimate list. A list to end all of my miniature lists, and while I made this list with realistic intentions it sort of got out of hand. Some of these items are 100% dream material, but who knows. It's like when we registered for our $600 vacuum assuming nobody would buy it for us, and guess who owns that stupendous Dyson now?! It's possible that one of my lurking blog readers is extremely wealthy and wants to shower me with frivolous gifts. Anything is possible, right?

Let's start with the little purchases and work our way up, shall we?

1. This book is full of awesome photography of dogs, specifically 'designer breeds' such as the cockapoo. I love photography and I love my dog [no matter what anyone says about designer breeds.] I found it on Slobber Space which is an adorable blog, btw.

2. I would like to get back into magazine subscriptions, without actually paying for them myself. Both Elle Decor and Martha Stewart Living would be great surprises in our new mailbox.
3. I feel like I deserve a massage. Not a half-assed 5 minute massage from my husband while he watches golf. A REAL luxurious massage, preferably at the really pricey spa and salon nearby.

4. My new found love,, as some amazing fake diamond jewelry. I have Ame--who happens to have great style and you should check out her website---to thank for this discovery. In fact, I purchased a fake wedding set to wear to work so that my real diamonds can be spared the nastiness that is my job. I just couldn't stomach wearing my real set while dealing with bodily fluids, rubber gloves, load of soap and sanitizer, and constant bumps and bruises. It's quite the debate in our household [whether I should be wearing my real diamonds all the time] but for now I'm more comfortable wearing my Diamonique set from QVC. Maybe I will post my fake [blingtastic] set on here sometime if you'd like.

ANYWAY, I've never had real diamond earrings before and we can't exactly afford them now. Plus I'd probably be too paranoid to wear real ones anyway. QVC just so happens to make Diamonique earrings, just like my rings. They are all under $50 and range from 2 carats to 5 carats. I could be wrong but I think that means total weight, so a 2 carat set would actually be one carat per ear. I know, it's quite ridiculous but I think I can pull it off. Now I just have to decide between the princess cut, round cut, or asscher cut:5. I've always wanted a pair of classy tall boots. And every single year I try on about a million pair and they aren't quite right. Mostly because they heel is too high and I know I'll never wear them without feeling extremely self-conscious. So now that the flat boots are in, I think I'm ready to take the plunge. These are from J.Crew and are $200...which in J.Crew land is fairly reasonable. But we all know that J.Crew has morphed into the most overpriced store known to mankind, right?6. Here is the heavy-hitter, folks. I haven't even mentioned this one to my parents because I'm sure they'd laugh in my face. But here I am posting it because it seriously makes me drool: The Canon Digital Rebel XTi 10.1 MP. It would be a step above our little point and shoot camera, since it's a D-SLR. The problem is it's $700 on Amazon and that doesn't even include some of the nice lenses. Which can be an additional $1000. YIKES! But those who know me understand my love for photography. I mean, I was "that girl" in college who always took pictures of our friends. And now that I'm all grown up and mature, I'd even refrain from taking pictures at bars as I move onto pictures of our family and whatnot. Seriously, this camera is my dream.7. Other things I would appreciate: a few 2008 calendars [betchya I get two Cockapoo calendars again this year], a first time homeowners book...maybe the one for dummies, digital scrapbooking supplies [my new obsession], a scrapbook supply organizer, and money. You can't go wrong with cash, folks.

Nate keeps telling me that I need 'warmer clothes' for this approaching winter. I don't really know what that means. It's not like I run around in shorts and tank tops year round and I already own a few coats and sweaters. That suggestion kind of frightens me, actually. Like people up here stock up on rabbit fur hats and long underwear for the winter. But regardless, he keeps hinting that I need to consider warm clothes for my wish list. I just don't find that fun, how about you?


  1. Hey Jules!
    I didn't realize how much you would be posting on the blog. It is so interesting! I will be sure to read it more often. I'm trying to make the site a "short cut" on my icon page. I love the pictures of you in my wedding dress. The olive oil story is hillarious!

  2. you gotta pic up that will love the perspective it will begin to give you on everything you look at. A dangerous habit though...I have my eye on some seriously expensive lenses...I wish those weren't so expensive!

    Love your wish list...

  3. I love your BLOG! How cute are you?!?!

    In refrence to wanting magazines, you should check out Blueprints. It's a Martha Stewart magazine for the younger crowd. I thought about you when I read it!

  4. Hi Kayla! I didn't know you stopped by:) I will definitely check out Blueprints...sounds like it's right up my alley! And Tonya....I'm a little worried that new camera purchase would just lead to more major purchases. But we'll see:)


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