Holiday Decor ideas

Now that our Christmas cards are finished and ready to go, our dining room table is craft-free. When I started to clean it up Nate said, "You mean there aren't any more crafts?" Which got me thinking....I should probably get going on our holiday decor. I have BIG plans for this year, we'll see how they pan out.

1. My first project: Stockings. Now technically we already have a set but Nate is throwing a tantrum about his "gay" stocking. It's white, fuzzy, has a ribbon and a brooch on it:) Hee, hee, I'm so evil, aren't I? It was cheap at Target last year, and I suppose it's time to upgrade.

I want to buy a generic, plain set and spice them up. Think ribbons for mine, something manly for Nate's. I want our names or at least our initials on them...probably in a cute font of some sort. Here are a few inspiration pics from Etsy:

Love the pearls on top here:
Digging the lace here:

Henry needs a new stocking, too! How cute would this Mini-Me be?!

I think I really like these felt stockings. I can see this for Nate with a little Julia-made personalization. No ribbons or brooches this time.

LOVE these. Those dangly poms are totally going on my stocking. Probably some printed fabric, too. So who wants to teach me to sew?

2. My second idea: I want to make cute letters like this that say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays". This image is from All Sorts blog [love it!].
Only problem is that we don't exactly have a fireplace. But I have some ideas, don't worry. I may even spice it up a little more to make it more "me."

3. My third project: I want to make us our first yearly ornament as a married couple. Both Nate and I have adorable moms who got us ornaments for each year of our lives. My mom laughs because sometimes when our family had a particularly hard year, the ornament was shabby and rather pathetic. And sometimes Hallmark's selection involved barnyard animals and random phrases [ah, those were fun years]. It's so fun looking through every yearly ornament and I definitely want to do that with our family. So that means for our first married Christmas, we need one SUPER cute ornament. Again, I have some ideas so stay tuned--most of my ideas involve personalization, and possibly a wedding picture. Shocking, isn't it? Maybe it will look something like this, from pottery barn:

And I kind of want our tree to have a theme [go figure]--as in a silver theme, or red theme. Okay, honestly I want a pink and green theme but Nate shot me down. Damn those husbands! I like this tree scheme from PB, dangly sparklies and all.
4. My fourth project: a wreath! I want to copy Martha on this one with lots of fun ornaments:
Or maybe tons of beads [ie lots of work]. Either way, a big fat ribbon is a must.
Yes, I know. That is a lot of projects. But I can do long as the dining room table surrenders to my clutter yet again. And if I muster up the courage to enter Michaels---that place is a madhouse right now!

Also, if any of the above pictures mysteriously morph into question marks...I'm going to lose my mind. I don't get blogger sometimes and I tried your desktop upload trick, Darci. So let's cross our fingers that it works.


  1. Have you thought about making your own stockings? It's cheaper and definitely more personalized, and they're not too hard to do. (Seriously, the "boot" shape is about as easy as sewing gets!) Then you can add whatever you want, and nobody else will have the same ones as you and Nate. Just a thought.

  2. I love all your crafty ideas and can't wait to see the finished products! I wish I had the time or the talent to attempt half of what you are taking on.

  3. Your 3rd project reminds me of a Christmas some 23 years ago when a cute little 3 year old girl made a HUGE ornament out of a 6 inch styrofoam ball covered in scraps of fabric. You have always been very creative! You are inspiring me to get our house decorated. Our tree this year (like every year) will have a huge 6 inch syrofaom ball on it!

  4. I love Christmas decorations! Especially those fun stockings!


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