Weekly Blog Spotlight!

Spotlight for this week=Kim (Hon Won and Hubby)!!!!

Okay folks. Here's my second spotlight for you. Kim has her own blog which you should definitely check out HERE

I have a picture of her and her biological father, hope you don't mind me sharing, Kim!

Her story is one of a kind and since she's been an active commenter on my blog, she gets the spotlight for this week. That, and the fact that I miss her dearly :(

How did you meet this person?

I met Kim through Hannah at SLU. We never really talked in depth until we lived together our senior year. That's when our friendship became solidified--as we stayed up late night and chatted, made half cooked pizzas together (gross!), and started hanging out as couples with our new boyfriends (who are now our husbands).

Favorite memory or story about this person?

There are so many for our little Kimmie. Funny things happen to her all of the time. I suppose her most famous story stems from her 21st birthday. You see, Kim is the tiniest thing ever. Her doctor once told her to drink a Budweiser each evening with her dinner to promote weight GAIN. Yes, she's that petite. Don't hate her for it, though---she really can't help it.

So her 21st birthday comes around, and she was one of the last of us to participate in the stereotypical celebratory night out. Of course most of us attempted to take 21 shots on our big nights but none of us really came close. Kim, on the other hand, tiny little Kim somehow managed to take each and every one of those shots like a champ. And we aren't talking about little wussy shots, either. It goes down in history as one of the most improbable happenings that came to be. Never mind whether or not she got sick later that night.

What is this person's best quality?

Kim is no doubt the most genuine friend a girl could have. I'm very blessed to have ALL of my girls in my life, and Kim is one in particular who has always been there for me. She puts the needs of others first and truly cares about everyone's lives. Kim is my friend who listens to me vent and offers a helpful point of view to my dilemmas. She is just a great person in general and I wish we were still in the same city!

We were in each other's weddings and she's been married for a little over a year now. Wasn't she a stunning bride?

Do you have any funny pictures of this person?

1. Her bachelorette party. Dancing, I think. I have SO many great pictures of her from this night but none of them are G-rated. And I promised to keep it clean [darn it!].

2. Here's our bride-to-be. Not feeling so great, but look at her ring shine!!! Notice how Hannah is trying to console Kim, but I don't think it worked.

3. And speaking of shiny, look at those bling-tastic diamond earrings!

4. Oh, Kim and her hubby Mark have matching watches. They are pretty bling-tastic, too. You'd think they were high rollers or something.

5. Halloween 2006: Kim was N.Korean leader "Kim Jong Il" and Mark was a giant missle. I think this is the best costume of all times. 6. Here is Kimmie at Hannah's bachelorette party. Isn't she a peaceful sleeper?
7. This was us floating down the river, before Kim fell asleep. This was also right before she fell off the raft and slammed into the rocks on the bottom of the river. I was a very bad friend and laughed instead of helping her back onto the raft. It was too funny!

8. Kim and Mark at our wedding, in the Studio B photobooth. I don't know if you can tell by her face but something very embarrassing happened right before this shot was taken. She was mortified!

Does this person read your blog?
Why yes, she does! She is a loyal commenter as well.

Love you Kimmie! Hope all is well!


  1. Julia- Your blog is great too! Thanks for stopping by to check mine out! Comments are my favorite part of having a blog. I love to see what people have to say. Thanks for dropping in and making my day! Now for the good stuff...where did you get the digi-paper you are using for your blog? Please share!! ;) Have a great day-Kam

  2. Thank you Julia! I must admit I got a little teary eyed... that is until the embarassing pictures section... yikes. But I laughed out loud.

    PS: I LOVE the new layout - it's fantastic.

  3. I love your spotlight posts! The embarrassing pics are hilarious...I'm gonna guess that her dress fell down in that last picture, LOL. ;) Did Michael get an eyeful?

  4. Love it!! Wait. . .i forget, why was Kim embarrassed?!?

  5. yup, kristal guessed it--kim flashed her bewbies to everyone! i am assuming they threw those pictures out of their collection, but who knows...maybe they have some blackmail on kimmie!


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