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Third edition of the weekly spotlight, featuring Hannah !!! Sit back and enjoy, folks. She is one of a kind!How did you meet this person?

I met Hannah on a bus ride to SLU when we were mere seniors in high school [read: scrawny little pip squeeks]. We attended rival high schools as I was from the [better] Capital of the Whole State, called Jefferson City and she was from the Crazy College Town of Columbia. We uttered about 3 words to each other on that bus ride to our future university, but we just seemed to click. Before our return back to mid-MO we decided to be roommates since neither of us knew anyone else attending SLU. Hannah seemed to exude "coolness" in all that she did. I was in awe of her laid back attitude---she seemed so mature and I definitely wanted to be her friend [awwww].

Favorite memory/story about this person?
Oh, so many to choose from. Hannah has an extensive history of memorable falls and you all know how I love those, right? She also suffers from one of the worst cases of "paralytic hangovers" known to mankind. Back in her day she could drink any guy under the table and then pay for it BIG time. I vividly remember one time when she didn't move a muscle for 24 hours straight, as she laid on her dorm room floor in a sleeping bag unable to utter a sound. I wanted to check her pulse to assure she was still alive, but then she opened one eye and said, "I think I had some bad wine last night." This was during our "boxed wine era" and boy did that end quickly. It's still a debate about whether the wine was actually bad, or if Hannah's body simply quit processing the massive amounts of alcohol. Her famous quote she uses to get through waves of nausea is "This too shall pass." You may hear her mumbling that from time to time, which is completely normal, right?

What is this person's best quality?
This is extremely difficult for me to specify. I lived with the girl for eight whole years, during times of major character growth, life experiences, and self discovery. Neither of us have sisters but Hannah is the closest thing I have to one. She is undoubtedly very honest and caring--she is my friend who won't sugar coat things, and will tell me the truth no matter how hard it is for me. Plus, the initial quality that drew me to Hannah was her laid back attitude--which is something that is appreciated in a friend. She has the ability to calm people down when we are a bit worked up over nothing. She'll put things into perspective without added drama. Now that's not to say she doesn't have her share of elaborate stories or classic girlie freak outs. But Hannah is one of the most down to earth friends of mine, and I miss her dearly. Even though living together for eight years of our life was difficult at times, I'll treasure our memories forever. Nate certainly had big shoes to fill as my new roomie :)

Do you have any funny pictures of this person?
Ah yes, I certainly do. If I was feeling especially mean or reminiscent I would go find my college photo albums and do some scanning of old pictures. But I suppose recent pics will do for now. [Although I'm secretly bummed I didn't own a digital camera during our Spain experience. Now THOSE would be some beauties for this blog!]

1. Here is Hannah getting extremely flustered with my bustle. You can't see it here, but she has her characteristic scowl on her face here. She may even have broken a sweat at this point.

2. While getting ready, she is thinking, "How in the HELL am I supposed to open this thing?" As if she's never opened a bottle of the bubbly before.

3. I'm sorry for this one. I have so many beautiful shots of your Maid of Honor speech, and yet...I chose to post this instead. Oops:)
4. Do you see Hannah and her then fiance breaking it down? I'm not sure which is funnier, Hannah or Michael and his jitterbug moves.
5. Ah yes, Hannah's bachelorette party. I believe this was a cooling face mask of some sorts and shortly there after she put it to good use.

6. Here she is getting ready for HER wedding. Ingredients for a great wedding picture: A bride, some faux hair, and a sarcastic look on her face.
7. The beautiful bride en route to her wedding. It's a shame I don't have more pictures of her wedding, but this one about sums it up: airing out the pits on a hot August day!
8. At my rehearsal, Hannah is absolutely enthralled with my bouquet. Either that or she's counting down the minutes until we can eat.

Does this person read your blog?
I don't know. I assume she checks in from time to time, but she once mentioned that she can't leave comments because she "forgets" her password. Maybe she can find it this one time, in the moment of her glory:)

Love you Hannie! Hope all is well and can't wait to see you soon [I hope!]


  1. My favorite "Hannah-fall" was the one at me and E's apartment. . H210. She was dancing on top of the extremely unsteardy kitchen table and basically flipped off of it, leaving a black mark from her shoe about 8 inches from the ceiling!!!

  2. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA - That one is definitely my favorite too (and completely E's fault since she encouraged her to get up there and even offered to hold her hand.)

  3. Seriously the best fall EVER. I forgot about that one...and was thinking of her one in Spain, and also when she was dressed as a black rapper. Too funny.


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