Bad news, Good news.

I've been in a bit of a funk all day and instead of simply ranting all of the negative stuff, I will do my best to mix in some good thoughts as well.

Bad news: This week, I have to work not only monday-wednesday, but also friday and saturday. Apparently hospitals are ALWAYS busy.
Good news: I get thursday off (whoopdie doo).

Bad news: I have to work tuesday-saturday of next week, too. I hate working weekends.
Good news: I get monday off to make it a "real" weekend with two days off.

Bad news: I can't find anyone to work for me on December 24, which is a monday. That means that I probably won't be able to go home for Christmas and I'm really really bummed out. I wanted to leave after work on friday, December 22 and then drive back to Milwaukee on Christmas day so I can work wednesday, December 26. But if I can't take off monday then there is no point. I'm super jealous of all you business folks who get like 3 weeks off during the holidays...since I can't manage one measly weekend.
Good news: I get Christmas day off and it's paid. This is my first job where they actually have paid holidays. I know, it's crazy...but most healthcare positions require you to use PTO for holidays. And the PTO amount is usually insanely small.

Bad news: For the past 2 weeks, I've been too drained after work to hit the gym. I was on a roll for awhile, because I joined the gym at work and went right after my day was done.
Good news: I can still fit into my "skinny leg" jeans! And that leaves me more time for blogging in the evenings:)

Bad news: Our landlord hasn't shown our apartment to any interested tenants. Which means we won't be able to move yet. [we have to find a new tenant before we break our lease]
Good news: I just posted a really cute ad on Craigslist for the apartment. And now we have more time to work on our new place at my in-laws [stay tuned for lots of before and after pictures!]. And in all honesty, we really don't WANT to move until after the holidays.

So that's what is on my mind today. Boooo for tuesday funks!

On another note: I received a few emails/messages from some lurking friends. Apparently I have quite a few regular readers in blog world. How cool! My goal is to inspire my lurkers to comment sometime. I guess it has to be something REALLY good, right?

Also: We'll be driving to Chicago for Thanksgiving day, then driving back that night. So the next few days might be a little slower with posting, but I'll get right back to it a.s.a.p. As if you were worried :)


  1. Jules,
    I can totally relate to your Tuesday funk. If it wasn't after 11 right now I would call you. Health care sucks. I'm going to send you an email.

  2. Julia, I can totally relate to your Tuesday funk too! I stepped in dog poop on my way to work and it got on the bottom of my new JCrew wool suit pants. Not only was I totally grossed out, but I had to spend an extra $40 on extra pants to wear for the day. Boo!

    Kate, from Browers & StL.


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