Dining Room Tables...

...this post was specifically requested by my friend Lindsey, a.k.a. Lobo. She has historically been a little "project" of mine, as I try to expand her horizons. Meaning, I force her to buy shirts that are not black :) She is in the market for a new dining room table and it just so happens that I came dangerously close to purchasing one for myself. So close that I could smell the $2000 leaving my bank account, but I aborted mission before I committed. We are going to wait until we are in a house with a dining room before we buy a dining room table (duh!).

Lindsey is notorious for being....ahem....plain. And sometimes I am the opposite, so we'll see if she approves of my suggestions.

1. From Ethan Allen: a plain, chunky "terra" finished table for $899. I'm guessing this seats 6 without the leaves and I'm not sure if the leaves are included. But I think it'd seat 8 with those mysterious leaves.

And that would go with these chairs, which are $249 for the ones without arm rests:
2. This pimp-tastic square table (I have a new obsession with square tables) from Pottery Barn which is on SALE for $899. Without the included leaves it seats 4, and with both leaves it would seat 8. The chair without arms is $170 and with arms is $229.

3. Another beautiful square table from PB that is 60 inches without leaves, seating 8. It would seat 12 with the leaves. The bad news is it's $1900 for just the table, but maybe you should splurge on yourself! Oh and the side chair is $279 and arm chairs are $379. It's kind of ridiculous in general, but I'd fly myself down for Thanksgiving dinner at your house if you bought this. I'd even bring a turkey.
And I just love these chairs, too. Again from PB they are $199 for side chairs and $269 for arm chairs. These are my faves by far.

Now I must finish by saying that we almost bought this one from Crate and Barrel or this one instead. But I can't figure out how to post pictures from Adobe on their site so you'll just have to search C&B on your own.

So....opinions? Especially yours, Lobo?


  1. J,
    Thanks for the dining room tables pics. . .actually I found one very similar to the 1st one at Crate & Barrell--the Madison. I like that dark dark wood color. . I will keep all those in mind for sure. I think right now my main focus is finishing my kitchen before I spend more $$. I hope to be done by christmas with the kitchen.
    PS. love the bloggin!!

  2. That looks great! Spacify offers wide range of Dining Room Tables .


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