Why Blog?

{one of my first posts, stating the reason I created this blog. Many years later, my motivation for blogging has definitely changed. But it's still nice to read back on the old me and see what began my adventures in blogging...}

I guess an explanation is in order.

I've been contemplating this blog for some time now. I thought it would have been a great idea while I was planning my wedding---but alas, I didn't have the time or energy to keep track of my ideas. Then I thought it would be nice to chronicle the beginning of our married life, in a new state---but again, I just didn't do it right away.

So here I am, almost 6 months out from our wedding and our move, and I'm ready to start this "virtual journal" of sorts. And the biggest reason I've created "My Life in Transition" is to keep in touch with friends and family---without sending multiple emails, making numerous phone calls, or restating the same stories over and over. Call me lazy, but I like the idea of people coming HERE to get our updates instead of me making the effort. :)

Now of course, I'll still be in touch in other ways. And this blog won't consist solely of "serious updates"---I plan on it being kind of random at times, too. Because our lives can certainly be random during these transitions!

So what do I mean about "Transition?" Well, I guess it all started with our engagement in March of 2006. Major change, there--I was preparing myself to be a WIFE. Then we got married---Hello, transition! It was no doubt the happiest day of our lives and another transition of mine is moving on from the wedding. Letting it go and NOT reliving it all the time! (i.e. Get off The Knot, stop watching the wedding shows, and move on already!). Easier said than done, my friends.

And then we moved to Milwaukee, WI two days after our wedding. Goodbye to friends and family in St. Louis, and Hello to a whole new world. We also began living together for the first time in five years of dating---and yes, it is VERY different! I started a new job, and after 5 months decided to take another more permanent job instead. Changes times two there.

And now for the most recent decision that will lead us into yet another transition: we have decided to move in with my in-laws, Tony and Lois. Now it's not as crazy as it seems. They have a duplex (which I didn't really understand until coming to Milwaukee, because they are everywhere here!)--which is like a house split into a top and bottom flat. Separate entrance, our own kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room and family room. A real place, but it just so happens to be right above Tony and Lois. The best part is-----they are only asking us to pay for heat and electric. Can you say, Cha-Ching $$$$$$$$ ?

This will allow us to save money for a down payment on our OWN house. It will give us a nice chunk for a "someday baby fund." Maybe even a little set aside for some kick arse vacations, too. And realistically, it will get our feet underneath us at an accelerated rate. Because trying to save our money on one salary, while Nate goes to grad school for the next 4 years----well, it's practically impossible.

Whew. That was a long explanation of this blog. I hope it makes sense. I hope you enjoy reading about my day to day thoughts during all of these transitions. The look of this blog will probably change quite a bit, since I love the creative/artistic process of things like this. I promise lots of pictures in the posts (it's a sign of a good blog when there are pictures, right?), I promise to make most of my posts shorter than this one, and I hope it is enjoyable for you to read.

Take care, Julia


  1. Can't wait to begin stalking your blog on a daily basis!

  2. Hello Julia!! I am soooo happy to hear that you all are doing good. Tell Nate-Dogg I said wazzup. I often find that transitional stages in life are sometimes the BEST learning experiences. I am glad that that Nate's folks are helping you all out. Like I always say :) you can't get any better than free-ninety-nine!! Love ya and miss ya!!

  3. Hi Julia! I finally got a chance to visit your blog. Love it. Can't wait to read more. Happy Thanksgiving!


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