I hope you can click on my photoshopped image to make it bigger. Sorry it's so small.

This image is going above my work desk to remind me why I'm a Physical Therapist. Maybe some of you may need it for daily inspiration, too.

My job is the opposite of a glamorous business career. I don't get to wear cute suits, network with tons of top-notch associates, travel to metropolitan headquarters, receive yearly bonuses or adequate time off, or rise to the top of the corporate ladder. I don't even get to sit at a computer during my entire day [boo!].

I wear tennis shoes, khaki pants, and a white lab coat to work. Sometimes I get nasty bodily fluids on my oh-so-attractive outfits and wear rubber gloves most of the time. My patience and humility are constantly tested each day as I attempt to help others. I won't get into too many details at the risk of severe boredom but basically: it is my responsibility to get people out of bed when they are in the hospital. I have to teach them to walk again after major joint reconstructions, or help them regain their balance after a severe fall at home, and maybe show them exercises to assist strengthening their fragile bodies. Sometimes I have to make difficult decisions: like can this cute little grandma go back to living alone, or does she need help from a nursing home for awhile?

Any of you who work directly with people know how draining it can be. And no matter what we do for a living, each and every one of us can make a difference somehow. I know it sounds incredibly cheesy, but even if I have ten grumpy patients who who want nothing to do with therapy....I can have one who is genuinely grateful for my time and effort. Those cute little grins and "thank you's" make my day worth it. The elderly have such amazing life stories, if you'll take the time to listen [and if they remember who they are]. Even if I do wipe urine from the floor. It's worth it.

Is your job worth it? Do you get a sense of accomplishment each day...even if it's a LONG day? I know most people would rather have a paid holiday every day instead of working, but why have you chosen your career? Would you choose differently if you could?

I ask myself these questions all the time, and my answers change depending on the day.

Just some food for thought:) 


  1. Thanks for that. :)

    I wonder to myself daily if I will feel that satisfaction of having a hand in changing the future through the students I will one day teach. My biggest fear is failure and my biggest hope is creating opportunity for success in a young mind.

    Your job sounds very difficult, but your post seeps with a passion that is beautiful. I hope you do remember that quote on the hard days, because even though you are not always appreciated, you're making a life-altering difference in someone's life. That is admirable.

  2. honey, i hear ya. I work for the state. im a case manager for kids w/disabilites. there are days when i want to cry, ppl yell and complain and then those days when you work your ass off to get 25,000 of funding and you are able to tell a parent that was about to put thier child in a residental home. Thier tears of joy and happiness are worth it! Theres always bad days but the good ones make up for it. :)

  3. I also know where you're coming from. I work with people with mental illnesses. It can be so difficult to try and help a person who doesn't realize they need any help. It can be incredibly challenging and it sometimes feels like I am getting no where, but right when I get discouraged, one of my patients says or does something that reminds me why I am there. Helping people is rewarding work.


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