Christmas Card time!

I hesitated posting this because I don't want to ruin the fun of opening Christmas cards for some of you. But I couldn't resist and it's always fun to get real mail, right?

I'm making our Christmas cards as we speak. Since it's our first married Christmas, I figured I should do something cute for a lot of our guests. I took our wedding guest list and pared it down a bit---throwing out the names of guests who wouldn't give a hoot about a Christmas card. Meaning, all of Nate's friends and some of our extended family.

Each card is a bit different, with unique papers but the same picture:

I'm loving some of these patterns because they aren't the boring old traditional prints. And of course, I had to use a cute font and my favorite artsy wedding shot:
I'm still deciding about the inside. I will definitely use this adorable stamp, either with black, white, red, and green ink on neutral paper:
And my biggest dilemma is this: do I print up a sentence about each of us (Nate, Me, and Henry) sort of like an "update" paragraph? Or do I just handwrite a quick generic line about having a good holiday? I generally dislike the brag letters people send. And I wouldn't do that but was thinking a quick sentence about our family may be okay.

Another idea: since we'll be moving at the beginning of the year, I thought about doing a little moving announcement section on the inside. Really short and sweet, like "We are moving after the holidays: Here is our new address." I could do this on the top flap and the personal note on the bottom. And stamps on both parts if I get wild.

I got these delightful red envelopes to finish off the package. I may find room for that stamp on here, too.
So, you like? Suggestions for the inside? I hope none of you are bummed that I spoiled your Holiday surprise:)


  1. Julia,

    That picture is dramatic. What pretty christmas card options!

    Thanks for your stop on my blog. I use the Canon rebel & I love it!

    I am gonna have a look around your blog...

  2. The papers are absolutely beautiful and I of course love the picture! You're work is so inspiring!

  3. Uh oh... I guess my plan to pick up a pack (or two) of cards at Target for $2.99 is pretty well shot now that I know you're HAND-making customized cards... Sometimes it's tough being friends with Martha Stewart's prodigee...


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