Reason number 200202040 why I hate grocery shopping:

It causes unwanted stress.

Let me explain. Yesterday we HAD to go grocery shopping since we literally had nothing to eat. I was already ticked about it before we left, just anticipating the chaos at the store the sunday before thanksgiving.

Sure enough, everyone and their mom was there with their big, bulky carts and bad attitudes [I guess I fit in here, too]. I decided one of the things I hate about grocery shopping is the act of spending money....even if it does keep us from going hungry. It just bugs me.

Well, we eat a LOT of peanut butter. I eat it every morning and Nate has his fair share. So instead of continually buying two of the small jars, Nate has the genius idea of getting the "economy sized" jar. It is 4 whopping pounds and enough to feed a family of 10 for a month. See below:

Nate googled it afterwards and it's technically called the "institutional" size. Totally unnecessary for a family of two! Here is Henry inspecting our purchase:
Anyway, we also had to buy some more Olive Oil...and since Nate was on his "economy sized" kick, he bought the $15 bottle of gigantic Olive Oil. Whatever, let's just throw money right out the window, right?

Well we made it through the store without issues [except there was a checker wearing rubber gloves, black pleather pants, and really really bad hair....disturbing]. As we are unloading the bags [my least favorite part] Nate jokes, "Be careful not to break the $15 bottle of Olive Oil."

JINXED!!!!! As he goes back outside to mess around with his bike, leaving me alone to unpack the bags you'll never guess what happened. I pulled out the gigantor jar of PB and I guess the enormous bottle of Olive Oil was resting on it. So the OO smacks down onto our counter top and breaks, spilling oil EVERYWHERE! I didn't even know what to do I was so ticked.

It took me about 10 minutes to clean it up, just in time for Nate to come back inside and ROLL HIS EYES at me for breaking it. Let's just say I wasn't too happy with him at this point. It wasn't pretty, folks.

So now, our floor is still oily despite multiple swiffer jobs and Henry licking the crap out of the floor, too. Random things like our new toothpaste tube is oily. Our coffee maker is oily. And I'm still a little peeved at the whole thing.

Nate now thinks it's quite hilarious to joke about our lack of Olive Oil, asking things like, "Hey, would you just grab me a cup of Olive Oil....oh, wait, we don't have any." Grrrrrrr.

Anyway, thought you may enjoy my rant about grocery shopping, economy sized items, and oily floors. Typical day in the Hornung household:)


  1. OMG... olive oil everywhere??? That is insanity!!! I probably would have been pretty peeved too!

    Hopefully you have lots of pantry space to keep all your "institutional sized" non-perishables!

    What a disaster!!!

  2. Use a solution of water and vinegar to clean the floors with. It'll help dissolve the oil. Or dishwashing detergent works well too. Ugh, that sucks. I would have been cussing like a sailor, and yelling at Chad to get his ass in there to help me clean it up. ;)

  3. I must say you're a better wife than me...I would not have cleaned it all up alone!!!

  4. Urgh... last year when we got home from Christmas, we were unloading gifts and a bottle of vinaigrette someone gave us fell out of a bag and busted all over the driveway. I was so mad! I wanted to taste that vinaigrette!! At least my clean-up was easier...:) Sorry, that sucks!


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