Wedding Dresses 32 years later

I couldn't find these pictures last night but here is me in my mom's wedding dress!

The reason for this look on my face is because I can barely breathe, and my arms won't bend or go down by my mom was SO tiny back in the day!!!

Now obviously, this dress is a little outdated. It turned a little yellow and it was very wrinkly. But get this: my mom SEWED her own dress! She made it from 2 different patterns and just whipped it right up, back in 1975. Now that is taking craftiness to an extreme. Don't worry, she loves to tell the dramatic stories of her many breakdowns during the sewing process. I guess it wasn't as easy as she leads us to believe.

Again, it's so tight in the back I can't relax my arms. But I love the general silhouette.

Now we tried this on right after I got engaged and before I went dress shopping. We seriously considered restoring it and altering it to be more modern (ie get rid of the mock turtle neck and the sleeves). We decided against this option, obviously. I guess it proves that if I keep my gown, at lest my daughter will have an option.

Isn't it weird how similar it is to my real dress: ivory, lace, sash, not poofy. AND she wore a lace trimmed veil.

I guess I know where I got my good tastes:)

And now for another blast from the past: Julia, circa 1986 in Denver, CO. I was such ham even back then!

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