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Okay, folks. I had a great idea on the drive home from work today. Each week I'm going to spotlight a certain person in my life who I've been thinking about, or who just deserves to be in the spotlight. That way this blog isn't ONLY about me:) And it will be interesting since some of you will know these people and others probably won't. It will hit similar points each week, like a form to fill out, with certain questions I'll answer. You'll see.

I'm going to try and do this once a week and if you think you need to be spotlighted, I suggest you continue (or start to!) post comments. Very nice comments will work :)

Spotlight for this week.....My Hubby, Nate! (awwwwwww)

How did you meet this person?
I met Nate in April 2002 at Tacky Prom. I sort of knew who he was from seeing him on campus and it turns out he knew of me as well. Apparently he thought I was cute, and would see me frequently in the SLU cafeteria after I worked out and was all sweaty. Gross! One of his friends gave him trouble for having a crush on me, saying that only Nate was vain enough to fall for a girl who looks just like him. What? I don't think Nate and I look alike, do you?

Favorite memory or story about this person?
Where do I begin? I guess the stories that make me smile the most would be when we first started talking. I remember a voice mail he left on my dorm room phone--something about how I needed to go to Weight Watchers (TOTAL joke, if you knew his famous first line to me, you'd get it). I mean, the voice mail was dumb, but I listened to it about a hundred times because I was so excited that he called me. We'd stay up until about 4 a.m. talking on the phone and I'm pretty sure we racked up a few of our parents' phone bills in the process (sorry dad!)

What is this person's best quality?
At the risk of this becoming VERY cheesy, I will just say that Nate is the most genuine person I know. He is absolutely my best friend, the one who keeps me grounded, and gives me a few reality checks per week. And his smile is absolutely unbeatable, don't you think?
I guess I'm a little biased:) Nate is also a wonderful husband and I realize how lucky I am to be his wife. I know everyone says that, but if you are in doubt....here is a small sampling of his vows to me on our wedding day. He wrote them in about 10 minutes and mine took me about 10 months:)
I am here to give you my word, to promise you that I will be the best man that I know how to be. I promise to be faithful. You are the one for me, and as a team we will push on and meet the obstacles as they arise. Our strength together far exceeds our strength as individuals. I promise to protect you, to keep you safe and to provide you with the best life possible. We may not always have everything, but as long as we can find happiness within ourselves we will live a rich life.
That last line really hits home at a time in our lives when we DON'T have a lot of superficial things. But honestly, I feel completely content just being "us" right now:)

Do you have any funny pictures of this person?
Why of course!!
1. This is Nate chowing down on our honeymoon. I really just wanted a picture of the cute table setting, but Nate took advantage of the photo. He is a big eater:)

2. This is one I found from a random night out. Nice, huh?
3. Halloween, 2006. Double Dare! And yes, I cropped myself out of this picture.
4. Nate skiing in Colorado. He is such a nerd sometimes!5. At Nate's bachelor party, he found a very nice woman outside of the bar...who just so happened to be homeless. I think she was more afraid of Nate and the boys than they were of her. Not sure why they had to get a picture together, though.
Does this person read your blog? No. Not unless I shove the computer under his nose to look at something for me. He doesn't really understand my blogging, or most of my surfing on the internet. But he only makes fun of me every now and then:)

So that's it, folks. My tribute to my husband. I hope it wasn't too mushy. And I was very kind with his "funny" pictures. Some of you out there have quite the collection for me to pick from, so watch out! Just kidding, I'll keep this as G-rated as possible.


  1. What a fabulous idea!! I may just have to steal it. But I think I'll wait awhile, so it's not quite so obvious I'm stealing it...

  2. lol, Kristal, I was thinking the same thing! But I'll try at least to come up with something original for mine, that way it doesn't look like I'm a blog post stealer. ;) By the way Julia, I LOVE the Double Dare Halloween costume! (I might have to steal that one too...)

  3. Awww --- N is absolutely adorable. :-) On an unrelated note, every time I open your blog and see Henry's pissed off face it makes me laugh out loud!


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