If I had a million dollars...

...or actually, if I just had about $40,000 for a glorious down payment, then I'd be house hunting. But obviously I still like to look around and "check out the market" (a.k.a. live in a dream world for the moment).

So Milwaukee is known for their Bungalow Cottage homes. And the are RIGHT up my alley. Many were built in the 1920s and have tons of character. Unfortunately they have lots of original dark wood work---I know some folks love the wooden built-ins, it's not really our style. Nothing that a little paint can't fix, right?

I'll show you a few here so you can drool with me.

1. This one is absolutely adorable and the inside is pretty cute, too. It's a hair above our [imaginary] price range. Here is the full listing and here is a picture:

2. This one is my absolute FAVE from the outside, but the inside needs some major TLC, but the price reflects the work needed. Full listing here:
3. Totally squeezable bungalow here, a little high in price...and does it worry anyone else when they don't show too many pictures of the inside? Full listing here.
4. Another bung-meister with tons of windows and lots of dark wood. Full listing here.
AND YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE DREAM ZONE. YOU WILL NEVER VISIT NATE AND JULIA IN ONE OF THE FOLLOWING HOMES. [unless of course, you want to split the cost and be roommates!]
1. Woah, Nelly! Full list here.
2. Is this seriously a house? Oh wait, no...it's a MANSION. Look here:
3. And last but not least, the reason why I shouldn't look at homes in the $450k range. I think I'm in love. And you think I'm kidding. My love listed here. I just can't help it. I love looking at houses even though we can't afford one right now. When the time comes I think we'll look in the 200k range, just so you know. But aren't the Milwaukee Bungalows SO cute?!

Now my creative gears are turning in my head and I should probably go make a craft or something. [Sigh.]

***Update: Christie brings up a very good point in her comment. Property taxes in WI, and especially in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa (our top pick) are RIDICULOUS. It's quite disgusting actually, comparable to Clayton or Ladue in St. Louis. Supposedly it's because the public school system in the 'burbs is the bomb. But until we have kids, I'll grudgingly pay those taxes with a scowl on my face. ***


  1. They look like houses from the movies! I love that you're making it easy for me to find things to drool over - ready-made all in one place. :)

  2. That last one you posted is to die for!

  3. So cute! Of course, my vote would be the one that needs the work on the inside (the second one) and that's just because you could still live with Nate's parents while the work is being done and it would be exactly what you wanted, not what the previous owners wanted. What kills me when I looked at the listings are the property taxes. Like, on the last couple of listings, the taxes were upwards of $9 grand a year. I can't imagine paying $800 a month in taxes! But still, the houses are so cute and I'm a sucker for homes with charm!

  4. This is totally random, since this entry is a few months old now, but I found your blog and just went to a random entry.

    I just wanted to say that I grew up right around the corner from that last house you posted. My parents still live there. That house is so pretty and the previous owners did amazing landscaping work that won garden awards every year. The neighborhood is really cute and it's within about 8 blocks of an elementary, middle, and high school. It brought back such fun memories to see that picture!

  5. Hi there! I just found your blog and love it! I decided to start at the beginning when I came across this post. I used to live in Milwaukee and I was born in Madison so all of the Wisconsin-isms definitely appeal to me.

    Then I saw this first house under the "dream" section! This is my parents best friends house that they sold!! Cr-a-zay! I loved that house too.... :) They had fabulous art inside and the family was huge into decorating and the arts...Just thought I'd share! Loves!


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