Holiday Family Photos

My kind mother emailed me some old school photos. Photos from past holidays. Photos that crack me up. Photos that I hope you enjoy as well.

1. Here is me at 4 years old [is that right, Mom?]. Notice my pimptastic leg warmers and gymnastics leotard. Duh...of course it was pink and had a skirt. Also, this was my trademarked pose: hands to the side of my face, like I was going to sleep. Where did I learn this? It was somewhat of a princess pose, which fit me perfectly back then.

But the most important part of the picture: look at how wonderfully I decorated the tree. It was the "cluster ball" style of the 80's, people. And it was hot. I think Mom took this picture so I could go to bed, and then she could rearrange the whole tree.
2. Seriously creepy grin. I think I was trying to bat my eyes for the camera or something. But the most important part of this picture: look in the left hand corner. Do you see that GIANT ball ornament? I made it and it's seriously huge and ugly. My first attempt at a DIY project, I suppose. Mom still has it and always hangs it in front of a hole in the tree. Perfect!

3. Let's go back further in time, shall we? My parents' first married Christmas, 1975. Things to note here: the awesomely bad TV with tin foil bunny ears. The pathetic little Christmas tree, apparently the only one left on Christmas Eve for my poor newlywed parents. Another thing: my Mom is holding a crock pot and wearing an apron because that is what my loving father bought for her. Yep. A crock pot and an apron. As my Mom said in her email:
He was only 22, what can I say. He wised up considerably in years to come.

4. That's Dad! Getting creative with the poses in front of the pathetic tree. I hope our first married Christmas provides for such entertainment. But maybe a little bigger tree and absolutely NO stereotypical "wife" gifts from Nate. He better not try that. He's older than 22 and should know better by now:)


  1. :) I seriously laughed through this whole post. Don't you love reminiscing of the old days? That was fun!

  2. I love your comments with the pictures. I laughed at every one of them. Maybe I can get daddy to do his famous pose in front of the tree this year!

  3. Julia, this is your Dad. I think that this last picture proves that I used to be quite flexible. I was leaning towards a crockpot this year for Mom for Christmas, but now I realize that may not be the best idea. (but it's so practical!) Maybe something golf related would be much better. Love, Dad

  4. This was hilarious :) Makes me want to find out if my folks have any pics from their first Christmas. And I think your decorating style has certainly improved over time!


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