Sometimes I like to collect inspiring pictures. I recently cleared out my "wedding idea" folders to make room for "home decor" and "scrapbooking" ideas. I doubt too many people care about my scrapbook layouts, but who doesn't like some dream decor ideas?

Now I realize that we won't own a home of our own for awhile. But if you know me, you know I like to plan ahead for things. And unfortunately I have expensive tastes.

So here are a few ideas I have so far...

A bedroom with painted stripes, like this (from MRS.KEW on the nest):

A classy dining room, courtesy of Pottery Barn:

Really cool hardwood floors throughout, including a bathroom with TWO sinks! :

And a lot of bright, clean space. This would be an amazing guest room, don't you think?
This last one is from Domino.com and I just love it. But I doubt I'd have the guts to paint the wood all white. And let's get real, Henry would barf all over that white duvet cover.

Anyway, a girl can dream, can't she?


  1. Absolutely OBSESSED with the last room by domino. I agree though, maybe not the most practical room in the world. By the way, here's the link to Domino's blog (if you aren't already aware, which I also tend to stalk. http://www.dominomag.com/daily/blogs/dailydose

    PS: I'm really enjoying the opportunity to leave comments - keep the posts coming!

  2. J--Love your ideas. Now that E moved out, I have no dining room table. Let me know if you come across any you think is "lobo-like". I like the super dark brown wood :)

  3. LOVE MrsKEW's bedroom. Too bad she GBCN'ed. :(

  4. Linds~I would LOVE to research some tables for you. Alas, we looked for one and were to purchase one with our "wedding money." But then all the ones we liked were over $2000 and we decided to keep our dough for now:) I will blog about your options at a later date.


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