Another one bites the dust!

That's what we used to say when people got engaged, but OBVIOUSLY an engagement isn't a negative happening. At all.

So tonight I got the call from my good friend, Kristen [a.k.a. "E-bug"]. She and her now fiance were celebrating their one year dating anniversary at the Boat House. They exchanged gifts and voila--E now has some major bling on her hand! She was SO excited that her words were running together but I heard something about the stone being round and the metal being white gold, and her family hiding in the corner taking pictures the whole time. She is going to be a planner extraordinaire, which will make me quite proud. I'm hoping she'll ask for my advice but I doubt she'll need it.

Here is E performing her duties as a wedding reader, at my wedding. She is so talented at this task that she has now read at three weddings. Yes, three. So she has plenty of experience being in the wedding spotlight.

Here are Kristen and Will, the happy couple.Awww, aren't they squeezable?

Now for those of you that don't know, we have a group of girls labeled "the fab five" [totally overdone, I know]. Well here we are showing our very serious faces:
So three of the five are officially married, and now a fourth is engaged. That leaves ONE [ahem, Lindsey] out of our five. And now that Kristen is engaged, Lindsey is next in line. Can't wait for that call as well:)

Here's to Kristen and Will: high fives all around!Kristen is one of my loyal blog readers who cannot comment due to work restrictions but I hope she sees this soon. Congrats, E-bug! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!


  1. awesome!! congrats to your friend!! three of my friends (neither of whom know each other) all got engaged over thanksgiving!!! yippee!!! hopefully they don't set wedding dates on the same day because i'm in all 3 weddings. heeheheee

  2. Let's see how long I hold out!!!!

    Congrats, E-bug!!!!


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