Christmas according to Henry

Hey guys, it's me...Henry. We are back from our travels down south and I'm pooped. But I thought you'd like to see some pictures of my journey. I saw ALL of my bestest friends down there and they wore me out big time.

Mom made me wear my Santa outfit most of the trip. It got kind of old but it seemed to make everyone happy.
The first friend I visited was Sampson. He is a Wheaton Terrier and we basically grew up together in St. Louis. He's gotten much bigger than me but I still try to hold my own when we play. He even showed off and bit through an electrical cord while I was there! What a stud.

My next reunion was with Bailey, who lives just down the street from Sampson. Since he's a Golden Retriever, he's my biggest buddy and I like to pick on him when we visit. His eyes look weird in this picture because mom tried to fix the glare in photoshop but it turned out funny.
Then my final destination: Jefferson City, MO....where my girlfriend Lucie lives. She is a Havanese and a lot smaller than me, but she pretty much rules the roost. Here are some of my favorite shots of my gal:
They even got a little bit of snow down there for us northerners. It melted by the next day but it was still fun for us!

Anyway, that's it for me. Mom says she needs to catch up on her posting since she's been away for so long. But I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


  1. you are so photogenic...really beautiful!

    Looks like you had a nice holiday...those antlers crack me up!

  2. Henry,
    I love your blog! I wish I had one.


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