Winter fun

Stop #1: Heaven on earth. Mmmmm, coffee.

And look what just went in across the street! Now Milwaukee just needs to get an Anthropologie to make me a happy girl. I love the texture of snow on trees:

And I LOVE these old homes. Just had to snap a quick picture.
See what I mean about the fire hydrants? This shows the massive amount of snow quite well and the stick will come in handy very soon. And yes, it is still snowing outside! Make.It.Stop.
Then we went to the winery and discovered these ducks. Obviously they missed the memo to fly south for the winter. Right next to a near-frozen waterfall, you'd think they'd take a hint.Do we look cold? I admit, I'm probably a little colder than the ducks.

"Alright honey, that's enough of the outside pictures. Now get into the car and take me home!" I'm giving a thumbs up sign while running back to the car. So now that we've stocked up on wine and coffee we can settle in for the long haul. Well, except for our venture out to the holiday party. But that will also involve wine and coffee. And food. Lots and lots of food.

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