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The fourth edition of my spotlight features....

LINDSEY [a.k.a. Lobo] !!! Her name is spelled with an E so don't try it with an A. Big time repercussions will ensue.
That would be our girl on the left. I dare you to make that face. It's impossible unless you are Lobo.

How did you meet this person?
The full story is not appropriate for this blog. I could potentially lose a lot of readers and my respect if I go into detail. But let's just leave it at this: we were 18 years old and I thought I was a complete badass. I tried to teach Lindsey how to be like me and she failed. Miserably. Overall it was quite unpleasant for everyone involved but somehow we became friends anyway. Confused yet? Well let's make it more confusing. Here is a picture of Lindsey on Halloween, dressed up as one of our male friends. You'd only understand if you knew the guy but this is classic:
What is your favorite memory/story about this person?
I'm laughing out loud as I type these stories. While studying abroad in Madrid, Spain a group of us girls traveled to Rome for part of our spring break. Two timeless Lindsey stories arise from this trip.

#1 During a noisy, stinky Italian bus ride towards the Vatican, a local woman starts screaming at Lindsey and making hand gestures for "pick-pocketing." Lindsey immediately assumes the lady is accusing Linds of pick-pocketing someone on our bus. Either that, or the lady knows that we didn't pay for our bus ride. We all get off the bus and the lady continues to yell in Italian while we become increasingly confused. Lindsey almost starts to cry because she's afraid she'll be thrown in an Italian jail forever for a crime she did not commit. Then an Italian officer comes up to our chaos and we figure this is the end of our fun little trip abroad. He'll discover that we snuck onto the bus without paying and we'll all go to jail. But alas, he spoke English and informed us that the lady saw a man trying to pickpocket Lindsey. NOT the other way around. It certainly wasn't fun at the time but remembering the frantic look on Lindsey's face as she prepared for her imprisonment makes me laugh.

#2 Same trip, about a week earlier we were in the Canary Islands. It was a cloudy day so Lindsey figured she could lay out for 8 hours. She forgot that we were on the Equator. That evening Lindsey formed "scales" on her chest, which were basically blisters. I believe she lathered them up with Vaseline to assist in their healing. It didn't work, and by the time we got to Rome she was shedding scaly flakes everywhere she went. The funny part comes in when one of the guys in Rome wanted to make out with Lindsey. He knew the story of her scales but had not seen them in all of their glory. So what was his really romantic pick up line? "Show me your scales." SICK! He wanted to see her flaky chest....which she chose to conceal all week with every available turtleneck in our suitcases. Best. pickup line. Ever.

What is this person's best quality?
Lindsey is incredibly genuine, sensitive, and down to earth. She is the opposite of superficial and probably the lowest maintenance of us girls. Sure, we give her trouble for being boring and predictable....but it's quite refreshing to know that Lindsey won't ever change. I'd say that in some ways, Lindsey and I are the most alike. We have a tendency towards being a bit dramatic at times, and I know we over-think things all the time. Hey, we're girls, right? :)

Do you have any funny pictures of this person?
Yep, but again...I wish I had the time and energy to dig through my older pictures.

She LOVES to open her mouth for pictures. See?

The guy in those pictures is her boyfriend, John. His facial expressions are just as dramatic as Lindsey's. The last picture is her famous "Lobo dance" during my bachelorette party. Love it.

Here we are with our adorable mothers. I think we all kind of look alike:
Here is Lindsey being announced at our wedding. The announcer totally called her by the wrong name, and here is her reaction:
This picture is WAY more embarrassing for me than Lindsey. Look at my hideous smile! Again, this was my bachelorette party. Ah, if this website wasn't G-rated.....

And another one of our classic poses. Somehow at each event in the past year, Lindsey and I have managed to take this picture together. Seriously. It's a sickness.

Does this person read your blog?
Yes, and she leaves really funny comments that make me laugh. I miss you, Linds!

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  1. Thanks J!!! You know you've made it when you've been 'spotlighted'. . .I miss you too!!!!


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