Old Me

I have decided it's time to toss some of my college text books. We weren't allowed to return our Physical Therapy books to the bookstore, so I have quite the collection, some still in wrappers [sorry Mom and Dad!]. I have yet to reference a text book during my time as a licensed P.T. which tells me that I really don't need them. It's called "Google" in this era, right?

Anyway, as I went through our heavily stocked bookshelf I found something cool. A "Basic Awareness of Self" exercise dated September 4, 2000. That would have been the beginning of my sophomore year at SLU. I HATED these hokey pokey classes...."How do you handle stress"..."What are your weaknesses"....etc. Total waste of time, or so I thought.

So this little worksheet that I filled out is pretty funny, kind of heartbreaking, and makes me feel like I'm SO grown up now. I've come pretty far in seven years. For example:

"I am proudest of...."
the rewards of my hard work in different areas of my life. For example, my GPA, my uniquely decorated room, and basically anything that I've created. I'm proud when I succeed.

[Ummmm....your GPA? Give it up, dork! I was so hell bent on keeping my 4.0 all through college since I achieved a perfect GPA in high school. Then I realized that I could either A. be a total bookworm, stress myself out, and miss out on a huge part of my life for that perfect grade, or B. Let go a little and enjoy the ride. I decided on option B. I also think it's interesting how I felt proud of my creative ventures. Maybe I should have listened to that creative voice in my head and gone a different route for my career. Then again, I like having creativity as a hobby and not a livelihood.]

"Goals I want to achieve in my lifetime..."
Be happy with my body and self in general, make money, find my soulmate, have many people around me who'll love me unconditionally, and to travel around the world.

[Wow. First of all, I had some body issues back then....I kind of forgot how heavily that weighed on my mind. I've come pretty far in that regard and can label myself as "happy" in general. I make money {enough to support our little family}, I found my soulmate {Yay!}, and I certainly have many people in my life who love me unconditionally. They just aren't physically close to me anymore. And I'm lucky enough to have traveled around the world.]

So that was kind of intense, but it's nice to feel like I've made it. Like the old me would be proud of the current me. Sure, there is plenty of room for growth, I have new and different goals in my life, and I'm not always satisfied. But I'm glad I don't have to go through high school and even parts of college again! Glad I have the memories but I'm glad it's over, too.

I'm not a big fan of posts without pictures. I'm a big baby like that. So here is another photograph from Etsy that I love. So appropriate for our soon-to-be-first-home!


  1. I've been reset and now I can post!!

    I was laughing as I read this because for some reason it just made me think of freshman year when you wouldn't go to the cafeteria without mascara on and I thought it was so odd that you NEEDED mascara. By sophmore year though I don't think you touched mascara until it was time to go out... my how you've grown :-)

    Miss ya bia! H

  2. I love that even then, one of your proudest accomplishments was your uniquely decorated room -- some things don't change :)


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