Miscellaneous Monday

Random thoughts in my head:
  • I used to think the abbreviation "misc." sounded like "mystic" no matter how many times my mom explained it to me. To this day, it looks like "mystic" to me:)
  • I am SO excited for the new Hillary Swank movie, "P.S. I Love You." The book is one of my all time favorites and I HIGHLY recommend reading it a.s.a.p. before you see the movie. It's the bomb.
  • I added a blog counter to this site late Saturday night. I had to guess at how many hits I had before my counter, so I guessed 300 and began with that number.
  • Now, not even 48 hours later, my blog counter reads 488. That means 188 people have visited me in a few days. I guess my original guess of 300 hits in 3 weeks was wrong:) I feel so loved.
  • My counter on my knot bios reads over 20,000 hits. That is absolutely insane to me and also a little scary. Who knows how many girls out there are attempting to make my table numbers right now:)
  • Nobody seemed to update their blogs today. I think I read ONE new entry out of the numerous blogs I read. Seriously? One person posted today? Come on, girls...get to it!
  • The new season of Intervention began tonight. As I type this, I'm watching a girl with a hellified eating disorder wither away to nothing. This show is so freaking addicting!
  • Today at lunch a lady at my work said, "This week it should stay pretty warm outside." When I asked her to please clarify, she said, "Oh, they said it will be in the 20s-30s all week." Meaning the HIGHS are in the 20s and 30s. This is not normal. People up here are of a different breed. A high of 20 degrees = bitter freaking cold, right? If you tell me it's 60 degrees in St. Louis I'll freak out.
  • Nate had an interview for a part time job today. We really hope he gets it. He would start as soon as his semester is finished and work until P.T. school starts in June. It would seriously help our finances to have another income. [duh]
  • Speaking of P.T. school, they sent the acceptance letters out today. CROSS YOUR FINGERS that he gets in. I hope and pray he gets into Milwaukee or the world may possibly end. Seriously.
  • Everyone keeps asking me when we are going to move in with my in-laws. The answer: as soon as someone rents our apartment. I'm thinking that with all the "warm" weather and the holidays, it might not happen for awhile. I hope it happens in January or February though. I can't wait to start saving major moolah.
  • I'm starting to think I've morphed into my father and become an official tight wad. No offense, Dad. It's a good thing but it makes it difficult to spend money...ANYWHERE. On anything.


  1. Julia, I seriously see your pics everywhere!!! I'll be on some random blog, that I don't even know how I got to, and think "that looks familiar... that's from Julia's bio or that IS Julia!" Crazy how far the internet can take you...

  2. I am also very excited about P.S. I Love You! I had no idea it was going to be a movie and it is definitely one of my favorite books too. I'm seeing it the first day it comes up! Love the blog Julia! Your Christmas decor is lovely! :)

  3. I saw the preview for P.S. I Love You! and totally freaked out also! Can't wait...

  4. Haha...people stalk you...kind of like people stalk Browers :)

    I won't tell you it's 60 in STL because we're in the 30s today. Nice and chilly.

    And yes, I'll keep my fingers crossed for Nate...both job and acceptance.

  5. Julia--I wrote a blog JUST FOR YOU my dear!!!!!!!

  6. I read your last comment to Dad. He said, "Excellent. Although I wish I was a tight wad. I spend money like water." That's how tight wads think I guess. :)


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