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I'll be honest, I'm getting kind of tired of these spotlights. They aren't very popular for comments anyway, so I don't know if anyone else appreciates them. BUT I still have a lot of important people in my life that deserve spotlights.

So, I'm going spotlight three girls right now in a condensed version. All three of these girls are non-St. Louisans and therefore I don't have many digital pictures of them. But again, if I had the time to dig through my college scrapbooks they'd be in BIG trouble:)

1. Miss Allison, my Maryland/PT/mommy-to-a-beautiful-little-girl[part one] friend. We met our freshman year at SLU and she was the queen of hilarious falls. We stood by each other through multiple challenges during school and she is an amazingly genuine friend. I wish I could convince her to move back to the Midwest but she is an East Coast girl at heart. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Al:

Dancing with a random black man at my bachelorette party.

Me and my longest distance bridesmaid getting ready for the wedding. I'm glad the wedding was a good excuse for a trip to Missouri!

And here she is breaking it down on the dance floor. This is a typical Allison face, and I miss it! I miss you, Al!

2. Then there is Keri, my Kansas /PT/curly headed/cell phone queen friend. Keri and I didn't become friends until later in college but we certainly made up for lost time. She is definitely the most photographed friend in my college scrapbooks, as we prided ourselves on being camera divas. Keri is the best at keeping in touch by phone since she has about 8 million minutes each month and sometimes still goes over her limit. My favorite memory with Keri has to be our Mexican dance off--where she beat me because of her bigger boobs. Yes, it's true, she was sort of known for her perfect chest in college and I.....was certainly NOT:)

Here she is dancing exhibit #1: Glaring at the camera and still trying to look cute.Exhibit #2: One of my favorite pictures from our whole reception. I love Matt's dagger hands in the background while Keri struts her stuff.
And here we are at my B.party. I am smothering Keri with my larger than life hand. Seriously, look how big my hand is compared to Keri's shoulder. Sick! Miss you Ker!

3. And finally, Sarah/Milldogg/high school friend/mommy-to-a-beautiful-little-girl [part two]. Whenever you have a nickname like "The Dogg" you know this girl is one of a kind:) Dogg and I played high school b.ball and v.ball together and really became close during my summers home from college. We were lifeguards at the local Country Club and we have some ridiculous memories from that time period in our lives. Sarah is probably the strongest person I know and manages to have the best sense of humor no matter what life brings. She is the life of the party, which explains why all of my St. Louis friends beg for her to visit more often. Everyone deserves a Milldogg in their life, but I'm lucky enough to have the original:)

Here is Sarah with her adorable daughter, Ariana. I'm not sure why Dogg is staring off to the corner of this picture, but she still manages to look cute.I was SO happy to have Milldogg standing next to me at the altar. And of course, she loves to toast to a special occasion:)

Who's that bridesmaid in the front, turning purple from holding her breath? She's always full of hilarious poses for pictures, and ALWAYS lives up to our expectations. Miss you, Dogg, hope to see you at Christmas.
So there they are, three more special girls in my life. I think I'm done with spotlights for awhile now, hope you enjoyed!


  1. Well Jules, I am glad I got my spotlight...I was starting to get concerned I might be left out :) (just kidding). Anyway...don't know what I would have done with out you in college and now...we always have fun. Love you lots.

  2. I think it's so awesome that you have such great friends and are so close to them! And, I, for on, do enjoy reading your weekly spotlights, I just never really know what to comment about!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and love it! You're hysterical. I am also a knottie and big fan of your wedding...I'm an all-lace dress bride and coveted your DIY veil ;)


  4. I like your weekly spotlights too. It is fun to read about the funny things you have done with your friends. It is also really sweet that you take the time to acknowledge what those friends have meant to you. We should all do that with our friends. I have become a big fan of your blog, and you have inspired me to get my blog going again. You are a very good writer, and I think it is so wonderful how much you adore your husband, and how highly you speak of him.

  5. Hey Julia!
    The snow is reDICK there! You know that I would be a BIG baby and cry about the snow like every day for a year!! Can we say sun worshiper? Well, I took the plunge...I went red! On my hair that is..your Mom took a pic. at church and is going to send it your way! WARNING!! You may die from a stroke it is so different! BUT I LOVE IT! See ya around Christmas and thanks for putting me in the spotlight : )

  6. I am not big into the whole blog thing....so I hope you still get this even though the post was from 2 weeks ago.
    I think that my three year old daughter sums up my spotlight by saying, "Mommy, what is that man doing to you? Is he poking you?"
    Anyway...Julia, your blog is awesome, but how do you find the time to do it? I am very impressed and will admit that it had been fun tonight to read about how you and Nate (and everyone else) is doing. It also makes me miss you and everyone out there in the Midwest!! I am hoping to make a trip with Madelyn sometime in the summer. Glad to hear that you and Nate are doing well (tell me congrats on getting into PT school for me!!). I'll call you soon to catch up more!!! Al


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