Well, we got another six inches of snow today. Yes, six. It's freaking ridiculous and I swore I'd stop posting about the weather, but I want you to understand how shocking this is for me. I need some moral support from my Missouri girls, especially.

I have never seen so much snow on the ground at once. And I've never seen it snow in such massive quantities in such a short time period! Within the last week and half it's snowed at least 4 inches, 4 different times.

Apparently this is disastrous for all of Milwaukee. I'm told it doesn't usually snow THIS much in December [but I hear January and February can be brutal.] Something happened today that I didn't think could happen in this city: they canceled classes at the local university. You guessed it, Nate had an official snow day today. That little brat had all day long to frolic about because the school literally shut down. I guess they predicted an ice storm to top off the snow, which didn't happen.

Anyway, I forced him to make himself useful and take some pictures today. Here is what he got:

Our little apartment complex. Can you even see our walkway anymore?
Here is our street before it got really bad. And of course, the "For Rent" sign for our apartment. I'm sure tons of people were out looking for a new place to live amidst this chaos, right?
You can just feel the cold in this picture. But I love the texture of the white snow on the green evergreen trees.
And I like how the tree lined streets have such a neat snowy canopy full of branches. Very picturesque!
And here is our street sign, immersed in a pile of snow. Do you see how deep it is around this pole?
Our poor little bushes used to be so big and tall. Now they are officially covered.
I asked Nate to get a shot of the fire hydrants because most of them have a giant 5 foot stick that shoots up from the top, so that when they are fully covered the snow plows will still be aware of their location. Seriously, do fire hydrants become completely covered up here? I guess so because look at these shots [although he shot the ones without the giant sticks]:

I now present to you a series which I call: "My dog thinks he is a polar bear and loves to smash his face in the snow."

Look here, he has no legs! The snow easily goes up to Henry's belly! Ah, a legless dog is such a sad sight.

Then once the boys were done frolicking about, Henry crashed. I love these pictures in succession:
That is what my husband does all day long when he doesn't have class. It was a startling picture to see among the rest, but I think it sums up his day quite well. Don't we all hate Nate right now? I wish I could have picked my nose all day but somebody in this family has to bring home the bacon, darling. :) I forgave him when he made me homemade snow ice cream just like my mom used to make. He even avoided the yellow snow! Mmmmm, so good.

And then he had the nerve to take a better picture of our Christmas tree than I managed to take. He even read up on our camera online to show off his new found skills.

And then he had to run to the mall and snagged an awesome nighttime picture of the outdoor tree. Again, I tried to get one but his is way better. Can you see how large this tree is compared to the stores in the background?So anyway, while I was busy scraping off my car AGAIN....and still arriving late to work, Nate had a good day with the camera. So when is everyone coming to visit our winter wonderland?


  1. OMG Julia!!! That snow is insane! How are you driving to work?!?! I would not leave the house! The rain is annoying me here, but while your winter wonderland is beautiful, I'll stick with my rain. I am in shock about that. I don't know what I would do....

  2. I'm glad you are on my side with this, Nikki. It's absolutely crazy driving to and from work, which normally takes 30 minutes in GOOD weather. They'd shoot me if I didn't come into work, believe me I thought about skipping today!

  3. OMG, that picture of Nate is the funniest thing I've seen all day!! The ways men amuse themselves...

  4. HANG IN THERE. . . You'll be back in Missoura soon!!!!!

  5. I'm cracking up about your comment "I wish I could've picked my nose all day but some one in this family has to bring home the bacon". Ahhh, that pretty much sums it up right there. "It" being life. But seriously, it's time to get back to where people cancel school if it rains and the weather is borderline 32 degrees. It's ridiculous that you can't reep the benefits of this snow by staying at home bundled up on the couch. Come back to us! If anything, for the sake of Henry before he gets lost in a snow drift!

  6. Oh, Henry. I feel like we could be friends...he's so cute!

  7. I wish we could get SOME snow down here. I'm sick of the rain/freezing rain we keep getting. So, can you send some snow our way???

  8. Haha! If Henry lost his feet, poor Oliver would be drowning! I don't know how you do it up there, I'm such a warm weather summer person!


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