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First of all, it snowed AGAIN. Beginning at 4 pm yesterday and ending today at 6 am. So this morning I spent a good 10 minutes cleaning off my car and stumbling around like an idiot trying to keep my balance. We got another 5 inches of the fluffy stuff. No sleet this time but holy geez there is a lot of snow on the ground now, since the 4 inches from Saturday definitely didn't melt yet. And the snow plows go kind of crazy here resulting in large piles on the side of the streets. I wanted Nate to take some pictures of our street, especially the fire hydrants that are almost covered....and here are the photos he took today:

No, that isn't our street and there is not a fire hydrant in sight. That's Lake Michigan which is about a mile from our place. It's gorgeous, right? Can you imagine how freaking cold that water is right now? I'd go to that beach during the summer and try to take a dip in the lake when I got too hot. It was always ICE cold, even when it was 85 degrees outside.

Anyway, it's supposed to snow again tonight. Somebody pinch me...I must be dreaming. Am I really living in Wisconsin this winter? I'll try to get some pictures of our snowy wonderland soon.

Second thing: I have a new obsession. Etsy---a website full of handmade goodness. I love it and found some awesome photographs that would be perfect to hang in our future family room. I'm really into these nature photos and they are quite reasonable. Of course I'd have to buy a frame but they are still inexpensive.

From Etsy seller galeriedeilluminata, "Antique Tree Landscape." $19.99 for this 7.5X10 on 8.5X11 paper.

From Etsy seller Alicia Boch, "Where the Sun Finds You." $35 for an 8X8 on 8.5X11 paper.

From Etsy seller Irene Suchocki, "Awake to Dream." $28 for this 8X10.

From Etsy seller Irene Suchocki, "Unknown Territory." $28 for this 8X8.

From Etsy seller Irene Suchocki, "Autumn's Alchemy." $28 for this 8X8

From Etsy seller Vaeda, "You Begin to Feel Alone." $130 for this 20X30.

Pretty cool, huh? Those with white leaves are "infrared" pictures but they kind of remind me of Milwaukee trees in the winter. I guess I have snow on the brain:)


  1. Okay, first of all I don't pity you for having to deal with the snow... but it is beautiful, right?

    Second, thanks for the etsy tip! Rob and I have been looking for some art to hang in the house for some inspiration on decorating and those are gorgeous!

  2. I love "where the sun finds you" and "awake to dream"! Great pieces. And I'm jealous of the snow!

  3. ok i'm definitely coming to visit you julia!! we're going to make snowwomen and snow angels and snowcones and the works!!! haha

  4. Wow - that's a lot of freaking snow. I love snow and would like us to have SOME down here, but I don't think I could handle that much!

    Oh, and those pictures are awesome. Awake to Dream and Autumn's Alchemy are my favorites. Great find!

  5. Yes, you are living in Wisconsin this winter :)
    I love Autumn's Alchemy!

  6. We had some sleet last night and the city nearly shut down. Slight exag, but you called StL your home for awhile and you know what I'm talking about. :-)

    Oh and if it makes you feel any better about your WI winter, I'm living it in my office. It is negative 10 degrees in here. I'm typing with gloves on and sitting on my feet hoping to warm them up.


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