To my blog readers...

...I present to you an early Christmas gift.

Remember how I keep saying, "If only I had the time or energy to dig through my old school pictures"? Well, you've lucked out. I found some real gems the other day when going through our storage. These are some extra photographs that didn't make it into my scrapbooks for one reason or another. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out why as you view them.

1. Halloween 2003. Hannah and I get extremely creative and go as.....drum roll please...WHITE TRASH! Aren't we just adorable? That is real trash duct taped to our outfits. Yikes, guys. Just yikes.


August 2003, Keri and her giant with one of the most stunning photographs of our college careers. I have no idea what possessed us to do this, but it's given me much laughter since it's discovery. Thank goodness Keri has tiny hands [insert witty comment here] but why does she have to look like a midget?3. Same night in August 2003. Look at these lovely [spotlighted] ladies: Lindsey, with her obscenely large mouth...Keri, gracefully spurting liquid from her mouth....and Allison, cheesing it up with some rather sunburned skin. There really are no words.

4. Mardi Gras in St. Louis, 2004. Here we are with Kim and Mark pre-engagement for this whole crew. We look so young and naive but look at our multiple beads, people. Don't let our innocent looks fool you. We totally pimped our boyfriends for those beads:)

5. Spring break 2004. Nate and his frat brothers go to Mexico [and no, I did not have the pleasure of joining them. I'm sure I had to study or something lame-o]. Here are Charlie and his buddy Nate....who has so much hair here! Sorry, darling, but it's true. It's quite startling to see such a full head of hair on him. Aren't they just a two peas in a pod?

6. December 2004, my turn at Mexico with a P.T. class graduation trip. Me, Megan, and Keri display our ups in this shot. And although the "jumping for joy" scene was my grand idea, my face got blocked out of the picture my Megan's hand. Eh, it's still kind of fun.

7. July 2005 with Hannah and Michael, pre-engagement of this crew as well. Of course Nate and I are quietly assuming our classic poses for the camera, while Hannah exhibits her long and pointy tongue and Michael....I'm not really sure about him. Aren't we just matches made in heaven?
Ah the memories. Did I get a smile out of anyone?

Oh, and my new goal of photoshopping some color correction and frames into each posted picture went out the window for this bunch. They don't deserve such special treatment and look best in their "raw" form. And raw they are..... :)


  1. Jules, I am cracking up after viewing those pictures. I am a little disappointed that "Moses" from the white trash halloween did not make the cut. However, I think I was involved in WAY too many of those pics...too funny! I think the boob pic was from our "obsession" with each other know the ones that used to creep Nate out :) (Anyone who reads this, please do not take that last comment the wrong way!)

  2. You are so funny...thanks for sharing those pictures. My favorite is the white trash. Looks like you had a great time in college.I love looking back at old brings you right back to that time.

  3. This is one of my favorite 'blogs'. . . keep 'em coming :)

  4. I love the last one - you and Nate are trying to be so cute...gotta love it when people make a boring picture a little spicier :)

  5. What is on our white trash heads?! Are those the halo's from our good/bad angel halloween? I'm cracking up remembering the freaked out ppl at Courtesy Diner when we sat at the bar in our good/bad angle costumes.

    Also, in regards to my lizard tongue... sick! Mental note, do not stick tongue out for any future pictures.

  6. Hannah~I believe that is plastic wrap around our pony tails, to tie in with our trash theme. Always have to stick the theme, don't we?

    Keri~I forgot about Moses! He must have made it into my album b/c I didn't have an extra copy in my stack of random left overs.

    Linds~I'm surprised you like your ridiculous picture in the bunch:) You and your large mouth. If you really want some more, I'm sure I kind find even MORE embarrassing ones for the future.

    Jen~Yep, that is why I love these type of pictures. Totally random!

    Glad you all enjoyed!


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