It's beginning to look a lot like...

...Christmas, and freakishly cold weather.

I had to work yesterday and as if that wasn't enough of a punishment on a Saturday, I got the privilege to drive home during my first Wisconsin blizzard. Well, not really a blizzard but they called it a "wintery mix." Which means a nice frozen cocktail full of snow, ice, sleet, and rain. Which in my world means it took me one hour to get home instead of 30 minutes. Oh well, at least it made for pretty pictures. And walking around in four inches of snow is kind of fun, I suppose:

Then, this morning, Santa came to visit a little early! He was so excited to see us, and provided the gift of laughter:


  1. I despise the term "wintry mix" with a passion. I am, however, a bit jealous of the snow. Go figure. Stay warm!

  2. Oh my gosh, I would cry if it looked like that in St. Louis!! It's beautiful, but I am terrified of driving in snow or ice... Henry is the cutest though!

  3. What'd you do to my buddy Henry? Send him to StL so I can rough him up and turn him back in to a male dog!


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