Engagements, Weddings, Etc

[First of all, let me just say that I truly appreciate all of the kind responses to my "baby" post. Words of wisdom by comments, email, and myspace messages make me feel very loved and supported. Thank you, ladies!]

This post is about future weddings. We have six sets of friends who recently became engaged to be married in 2008 and possibly a few in 2009. These six couples all attended our wedding and thus, we will probably get invited to theirs [at least, I HOPE so.] There are actually quite a few more couples engaged within our extended circle of friends, but these guys are the closest to us:

1. Andy and Laura, to be married in St. Louis in October. Nate will be an usher and I have a feeling it's going to be a stunning wedding. Their reception is at the Chase's Starlight room! Holla!
2. Emily and Tony----Emily is the blonde on the left, and that is NOT Tony on the right. This lovely brunette is Megan, who was Emily's partner in crime at our wedding since Tony was on a flight to Rome. Their wedding will be in Omaha in August.

3. Caleb and Ashleigh, the most recently engaged a week ago tonight [Keri, were you aware of this???] I don't think they've set a date in the last week but I'm sure the wedding will be in Kansas City and Nate might be a groomsman. Caleb was one of Nate's best buddies in college and we love Ashleigh, too!

4. Mike and Michelle, to be wed in Wisconsin [whoo hoo for local weddings!] in September. Mike is Nate's cousin and they loved our Studio B so much, they have decided to start their own business in Madison! I can't wait to try out our poses at their wedding next fall:)

5. Nick and Amy, probably to be wed in St. Louis but I'm unsure of the date. I think this is probably one of my favorite poses from the night.
6. Kristen and Will, to be wed in St. Louis, April 2009. I already blogged about her engagement but she is having a party tomorrow night, which we have to miss. Boo for missing the fun:( I predict Kristen's wedding will be dripping with crystals, pink, and extremely girlie flair.

Now for the guesses on who's next:

1. Could it be Charlie or Brian [probably not to each other, but this picture is too funny]?
2. Allison or Milldogg [again, to their respective new boyfriends, not each other]?3. Nate's brother Jon and his girlfriend Emily? They are only 21 though, so I'm thinking this will be a ways down the road.

4. Keri and Matt [I know, I know Keri. It's SOOOO not going to happen for awhile. Humor me, here]?
5. Lindsey and John [I think she may snap someone's neck if anyone else asks when she is getting engaged]?
6. Or Nick and Kelly? I'm sure he is getting some major heat since they've been dating for about five years now.
Ah the fun of weddings, planning, and partying with friends. It's going to be a busy year, that's for sure! I guess we are just in that phase of our lives when EVERYONE is getting hitched and I plan on living it up. Who doesn't love weddings?


  1. You are a brave girl, J!!! Happy New years!!!!

  2. I didn't know Caleb was engaged! We will have to give him a call!


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