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As I've mentioned before, I have about 65 blogs on my Google Reader. Many of them are crafty, home decor type blogs. There are two in particular that provide GREAT eye candy: Made by Girl, and Desire to Inspire. I love when they post tons of gorgeous pictures without a lot of text. The lazy girl in me loves to skim through pictures without having to read:) Anyway, there are a few pictures I think are worth sharing. Enjoy!

From Made by Girl blog:

The writer, Jennifer Ramos, found this canvas on a friends website. Isn't it awesome? And you could easily make something like this for yourself:

Here is an NYC loft worth a measley $2.1 million. It's owned by the couple who runs a site called Deeply Madly Living.
I'd live here if you FORCED me to:) Obsessed with the dark and light contrasts.

This loft from NYC Tourist is a rental that goes for $950 a night. GULP! I always wanted to live in an urban loft with exposed brick walls...but I think we'll skip the loft and trade for a cozy single family home in the suburbs [someday]. And I could never EVER afford to live in New York. Thank god for the Midwest!

This place she found on bijou kaleidoscope.
It is absolutely fantastic with dark wood floors, gigantic mirrors, chandelier, and pink wall. Swoon!

From Desire to Inspire blog:

Lynn Morgan Design: FAB kitchen, very modern and bright.

Domino Mag: I love this room because of the many framed pictures but also because the shade of blue is just like ours! I like the eclectic feel here.

Zeschin: OMG! A PINK kitchen, massive clock, fantastic shelves? I'm in love.

Annie Schlechter: I really love haphazard placement of frames. I may try something similar in our next place.

Brainerd_x_Mullins: Color coordinated book shelves? LOVE it.

James Merrel: more great frame placement, plus a really cool chandelier.
You must check out these blogs and be prepared to fall in love!

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  1. Love all the eye candy! A friend of mine has a pretty cool design blog too...check her out at www-elementstyle.blogspot.com

    Feliz Año Nuevo!


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