Christmas Decorations: Complete!

I present to you...

1. Our tree, lights on:

and lights off: New star topper, silver bulbs and silver garland. I convinced Nate to have some color cohesiveness with silver, but he convinced me to use colored lights in addition to white. Compromise, people. The secret to not killing your spouse.

2. Our tree skirt: Bought it plain for $5 and I spiced it up with embellishments. Again, I wanted a non-traditional light blue but he wanted red. I was feeling quite generous today. Love the glittery snowflakes and little buttons. And I love my new hot glue gun.
3. My pride and joy: Our yearly ornament for our first year of marriage. This one took a while and I wasn't really sure how it would turn out. Love the brooch on top and the dangly beads on the bottom.
Up close of our ornament: "Merry [married] Christmas." And some leftover lace from my veil to help with the girlie-ness and frill.

3. My other favorite ornaments, which I did NOT make:)

4. My hurricane vase filled with my old pink/purple/teal bulbs. Nate banished them from our tree so I decided to make them even more prominent as a centerpiece:) I substituted this project for my wreath idea because the bulb wreath was going to cost me $30 or more. Not worth it, in my opinion.
5. Our stockings! Bought them plain for $3 each at Michaels. I was going to sew them from scratch like Jen suggested. But $3 a pop was just too good to pass up.
I used our old stockings for a backdrop to add some color. And to cover up a bunch of screws in the wall.

Nate's stocking, nice and manly with green buttons, ribbon and a snowflake on top. I got these monogram pins at Target for cheap. I like this better than spelling out our whole names anway.

My stocking made with my veil lace, again. Also used the same ribbon and a brooch for the top.

Up close of the colors:
And little Henry's stocking, complete with a doggy bone charm. The damn charm cost more than his stocking but it's adorable.

6. Last but not least, my "snow" banner. I decided on "snow" versus "merry christmas" because it was shorter and more appropriate for our location:)
By using ribbon, beaded garland, then cardboard, glitter snowflake ornaments, and paper I made this. I hung it on our mirror but I'm not sure if I'll keep it there.Here is a side view of my banner.
That's it, folks. The final products of my creative day. Glitter is still everywhere, including Nate's face and I don't have the heart to tell him.

And he informed me that we need to give the dining room table a substantial break from crafting for awhile. Which is probably best....unless I get randomly inspired again:)


  1. Jules, Love the decorations! I wouldn't expect anything less from you!

  2. Love how your ornament turned out! My family did a yearly ornament, and I love looking back at all 25 of them. I definitely plan on starting that next year, for our first married Christmas.

  3. Your decorations have inspired me. I love the tree and your "first Christmas together" ornament with the lace! The banner turned out great. Henry looks so adorable! What a cute "grand-dog".

  4. Too cute Julia! I especially love the snow banner. Great job.


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