Fun, Fun, Fun:)

All kinds of fun around here.

I heard Missouri got 4-6 inches of snow yesterday, whoo hoo! FINALLY you get a taste of a real winter. But I also heard it's supposed to be 50 degrees later on this week. Boo for your warm front. I'm jealous. But I hope it stays decent through next weekend since we will be making the 8 hour trip back home [whoo hoo!]

We got another 6 inches yesterday. So if any of you are keeping track, that is about 5 snow storms in 2 weeks. I decided to pull out my trusty tape measure for this:
In our yard there is easily 15-16 inches of snow on the ground. This means Henry has to hurl his tiny body up onto the snow to take a pee. It's quite a sight, let me tell you.
These are some good shots to show the depth of this snow. My Uggs are 15 inches tall and you can see the snow's brim hits right at their top. The tape measure reads about 12 inches at the shallowest point. At least our sidewalks are shoveled!

Oh, and there are a bunch of bushes somewhere underneath this blanket of snow. I think they might be goners at this point.

And don't get me started on the random piles-o-snow all around our parking lot. I suppose the problem with massive amounts of snow is figuring out where to dump it. So they've just made a bunch of huge piles in our lot making it a little bit hard to maneuver by car. Remember, I'm almost 6 feet tall:
Do you see my head peaking out above the mound? Kind of ridiculous, huh?

And as promised, my holiday party was tons of fun last night. We stayed there until 2 am, which in old married hag time is WAY past my bedtime. Activities included: eating, drinking, playing Wii [minorly obsessed!], playing Catch Phrase [can't go wrong there!], and exchanging White Elephant gifts. We are the proud new owners of an oatmeal box, and some lotions. Nate got the lotions and I got the oatmeal. Classic. Here is a shot of my whole department, I'm second from the top:

Lots of females in health care, huh?

And finally, the fun of a Missouri ice storm. Mom just sent a few more pictures of the chaos, before the snow hit. Even though ice storms suck, it makes for beautiful pictures!

I just figured out how to make a border for my pictures in photoshop, after some basic color correction. So if these photos seem a little bit better than previous ones, you know why!


  1. I think I saw that much snow ONCE in Colorado! You look so cute in these snow pictures. Cold but happy.

  2. Ok we so did not get THAT much snow!! haha--you def. have us beat! But we got 2 inches on Friday night and another 6 last night so we're working on it. But yes, it is supposed to be about 48 degree by Tuesday and it was already melting today while I dug my car out. Hopefully you don't lose little henry in the white snow!! :)

  3. I seriously wish you had video of Henry, cause I'm sure that is hilarious to watch. ;)


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